Wolfie Puppie 4: Rupert

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Week 1: This sweet boy is definitely the king of the hill when it comes up to feeding time! He is tenacious and steadfast in getting what he wants when he wants it!

Birthday: 8-23-13
Time: 12:40 pm
Weight: 18.4 oz.
Temp Hold

WEEK 2:(39oz) Our tenacious, go--getter is growing like a champ! Nothing like a strong, healthy and happy pup!

Week 3: Video (93.5oz)



Week 9: Video (18.4 lbs.)


Anarkhos.com is dedicated to Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf was our first Irish Wolfhound. Because of him we fell in love with the breed. Please take a look at our Gandalf page. May he rest in peace...