Wolfie Puppie 1: Stirling

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Week 1: Born first and the smallest, this little male is very determined and speedily learned (with some guidance) to latch on to mama all by himself. Simply adorable!

Birthday: 8-23-13
Time: 8:01 am
Weight: 12 oz.

WEEK 2: (34.6oz) Our littlest guy is growing fast! He is proving to be a real character with his determination and strong will coupled with his needy nature. He lets us know his every desire and mood with his little sounds and attempts to "speak". We're excited to see what he does next!

Week 3: Video (90.5oz)



Week 9: Video (22.1 lbs.)


Anarkhos.com is dedicated to Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf was our first Irish Wolfhound. Because of him we fell in love with the breed. Please take a look at our Gandalf page. May he rest in peace...