Wolfie Puppie 3: Jax

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Week 1: This very handsome boy is growing quickly and heartily. He is the lightest in coat color out of all his siblings.

Birthday: 8-23-13
Time: 10:51 am
Weight: 17.2 oz.
Temp Hold

WEEK 2: (37.5oz) Our light-colored boy is really impressive. Not only is he handsome, he also is showing a sweet and gentle demeanor that makes all our hearts melt. He, along with another litter mate has already stood up on all fours for the first time!

Week 3: Video (98.5oz)



Week 9: Video (24 lbs.)


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Gandalf was our first Irish Wolfhound. Because of him we fell in love with the breed. Please take a look at our Gandalf page. May he rest in peace...